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Where to stay

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Places to stay when in Rome
Name Website
Bed and Breakfast Association of Rome
Bed & Breakfast in Italy Network
Guide to Hostels in Rome
Best hostels in Rome
Private apartments, B&B's, guesthouses
Apartment rentals
Apartments, villas and farmhouses rentals
Hotels, B&B's, apartments
Hotel reservations
Religious institutes
Religious institutes
The Beehive Hostel and apartments, Via Marghera 8, phone +39 06 4470 4553
Pensione Ottaviano, Via Ottaviano 6, phone +39 06 3973 8138
Casa Valdese, Via Alessandro Farnese 18, phone +39 06 321 5362
Alessandro Downtown Hotel, Via Carlo Cattaneo 23, phone +39 06 443 40147
Daphne Inn, Via di San Basilio 55, phone +39 06 8745 0086/7

From the U. S. you can save money on phone calls made out of the country by using the number 10 10 297 before dialing the country code and phone number you need.

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Resources for English–speakers in Rome
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