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I would like to visit Rome, but I don’t know where to stay. Could you help me?

As much as we would like to help you, we cannot make a hotel reservation for you or find a family with whom you can stay for free. It isn’t that we don’t care about helping people in need—there are just too many requests for us to handle.

We have prepared a brief guide to help you. If you do not find what you are looking for on that guide, we’re sorry we can’t offer any more assistance than that.

We would like to get married in Rome. What steps should we take?

First of all, congratulations!

Being a non-Roman Catholic church, marriage ceremonies conducted by our minister do not have legal value. The religious ceremony must be preceded by a civil ceremony performed by an official at the Town Hall. Most foreign consulates and embassies in Italy provide information for their citizens on this. For example, American citizens can find information from the American Embassy and British citizens from the British Embassy. People of other nationalities may consult Italian Destination Weddings or AngloINFO for more information on the legal requirements.

Do you know of other English-speaking/ Italian-speaking Baptist churches in Italy?

There are English-speaking Baptist churches in Milan, Aviano and Naples. There are also a number of Italian Baptist churches.

For a comprehensive list of churches in Rome of various denominations, please see the All Roads Lead to Roma website.

For other English-speaking churches in Italy, please consult the Church Services page on the In Italy Online website.

Where are your services?

We are located at Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, 35. More detailed directions are found on the how to get to RBC page.

When are your services?

We have Sunday school (Bible Study) for all ages at 9:30am, followed by the International Service at 10:30am. Other Bible studies and group meetings are held during the week—look at the calendar page for more information.

When do you serve the Lord’s Supper?

On the first Sunday of the month.

What should I wear?

We have no dress code- you can come in formal attire, semi-formal or casual.

What are your services like?

  • Duration: The service starts at 10:30am and is usually over by 12:00pm (midday).
  • Lord’s Supper: We celebrate the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday of every month. Anyone who has made a commitment to Jesus Christ is welcome to take part.
  • Music: We sing both traditional hymns and contemporary praise and worship songs.
  • Special music: This can be sang by the choir or by individual church members/ attendees. If you would like to sing or play an instrument during your visit to Rome Baptist, please contact us. We would be glad to have you share with us!
  • After the service: We serve refreshments at the front of the church, near the piano. We encourage you to stay a few extra minutes and get acquainted!

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, or be singled out?

We love to acknowledge our guests! At the end of the service, you will be asked to stand up and introduce yourself, say where you’re from and what brings you to Rome.You will also be asked to sign a visitors’ card so that we could have a record of your being with us.

This is all voluntary, of course! If you are planning on staying a while, it is also a helpful way to get started!

What about my kids?

For children under the age of 3, we have a nursery where they can play or nap while you worship.

For children aged 3-10 years, we have the children’s sermon during the main service, which is followed by children’s church.

Parents are encouraged to keep children 10 years and older with them in the main service.

What happens during the week?

During the week, we have various Bible Studies, language classes, a safe group meeting, choir practice… Times and venues for these are listed on our calendar page. You can also read more on our getting involved page.

What kind of church are you?

Please read the What we Believe section on the About Us page.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

No, you don’t. Rome Baptist welcomes all who are interested in knowing more about God and/or more about us as a part of His church. You are welcome to attend our Discovery Class (held every quarter) to learn more about us and God.

Do you have any other questions not answered here? Please feel free to contact us. Thank you!