Rome Baptist Church



Weekly Schedule

More information on these weekly activities can be found at our Get Involved page.


9:30am Bible Study in English for all ages- 2nd floor
10:30am Worship service in English- sanctuary, and Children’s Church- 2nd floor
12:00pm African Fellowship in English- first and third Sundays- 2nd floor
1:00pm Filipino worship service in Tagalog and English- sanctuary
3:00pm Chinese worship service and Bible study in Mandarin Chinese- sanctuary
5:00pm Home Life Group on 2nd and 4th Sundays – email Brian Kirby for details
6:30pm Worship service in Italian- sanctuary


6:40pm Bible Study Fellowship- sanctuary and 2nd floor


6:30pm (restart on 23rd september) English Classes- sanctuary and 2nd floor


7:00pm Prayer meeting and Bible study in English– 2nd floor


10:00am or 10:30am Women’s Bible study- two locations
4:30pm Ukrainian Bible study– 2nd floor
5:00pm Spanish Bible study
5:00pm Discipleship Group – 2nd floor
7:00pm Choir rehearsal– sanctuary
7:00pm Bible Study in Italian– 2nd floor